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Upbring the children in the right way. 

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We have launched the Voteforyourbaby competitions platform to prepare the parents for upcoming competitions for kids.

In actuality, it’s not the right time to overthink or worry about future competitions for your kids. It’s just fun and enjoys seeing the beautiful pictures of newborn kids. 

All kids are God’s gifts so no competition can give them rank. All children desire the first, love, and blessings. 

We are writing blogs to inform society to give their children an easy environment of living. and how it can be possible, everyone knows but always neglects to follow. So we are writing to make them rewind the right way of upbringing the kids.

As we see, the maximum things in society have become the business whether its hospital, schools, colleges, etc. Let’s first talk about the hospital where kids take birth and see the first light of nature. From the start, kids have to fight with several things like the miss-guided parents by nonresponsible doctors who suggest additional medicine during the pregnancy.  And during the delivery some doctors suggest Caesarean, we are not saying it’s unnecessary for all cases. But can say many cases, in high-class hospitals it happens just for the earning.

After all these struggles kids start their journey in the world. However, he/she raises but parents get more serious in their upbringing by taking care, as they get many suggestions from YouTube, Blogs, and much more.

Parents start avoiding the suggestions of elders who also have given birth to them and upbringing them healthy. That’s the reason now some are doctors, teachers, engineers, etc. 

But now the generation forgets this but prefers to choose videos, blogs, etc. I am not against listening and reading such resources. Our advice is to listen to them and listen to the elders too like “your in-laws, father, mother, siblings, etc”.

Take a long breath and try to think if we are right or not? I am damn sure when you will be elders and your younger would do the same behavior then you may remember this time.

Guys, God has given us beautiful parents with beautiful kids. So following their instructions is always useful. It’s true that many guys are working out of the station and away from home. They always miss parents who can help in upbringing the kids.

But those who are living with family somehow forget the value of parent words especially when it comes to kids. 

We know writing these words can hurt many but it’s required to make them rewind the value of parents’ words for their kids.

We aim to keep our society connected to Indian culture who always prefers to give value to parents whether they belong to Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Isai, and others. That’s the reason western people are adopting our culture where there is the value of elders not like them where kids who are above 18 can call the police if parents scold them.

So guys, be Indian and value the parent’s advice for upbringing the kids as well as YouTube and blogs advice.

We would keep bringing more blogs related to the present issue of upbringing the kids. So stay connected with us.

Keep enjoying the baby’s upbringing. 👶


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